Performance Registration will open on 1st June 2020.

Please complete this participation notification, even if you are not performing, by the 19th June. It will help us to finalise formations and numbers.

Non-performers are encouraged to register for beginner or conditioning classes for the first part of term three and Spring Short Courses for the second part, as all other classes will be rehearsing during that time.

Cast of the 2019 Student Showcase

You can download the Performer Information Pack here or in the Resources on our TeamApp. It will be assumed that you have read and understood the described expectations of performers, noted rehearsal dates and checked your costume list.

Once you have registered for performances, you will be sent a list of rehearsal times and an invoice for the rehearsal term (20 July - 27 August). There will be no classes in the week following the Showcase (31 August - 3 September), and then Spring Short Courses will begin. Kids/Youth Classes run as usual during this term with rehearsals in class time, so there is no need to do additional registrations for young dancers.


I will not be performing on 29th August.

Can you help out? Check the Offer of Assistance below. All volunteer helpers get a free ticket to the show!

I will be performing on the 29th August.

I am hiring costumes/props as follows. I understand there is a fee per costume/prop applied. (If you're not sure, check the costuming notes in the Concert Information. If you're still not sure, just note "I think so" and discuss it in class.)

I will be away between 20 July and 29 August.


Non-performers may like to be part of the show by helping out Backsage volunteers will need to be at the Theatre for the dress rehearsal (1pm on). Front of House volunteers will need to be at the Theatre by 5:30pm.

All volunteer helpers get a free ticket to the show!



Box Office (Tickets)

Intermission (Drinks/Snacks)


Lighting Cues (Stage Management)

Dressing Assistant

Make Up Assistance


Drumspyder 4
(Penultimate Dance)

Beginners + (All Welcome)

Mondays 7:00-7:10PM
Tuesdays 7:30-7:40PM
Thursdays 6:30-6:40PM


Group Improv 7:10-7:20PM

Al Haggalah 7:20-7:40PM

Her Evil Eye 7:40-8:00PM

Schüttel deinen Speck 8:00PM

Solos 8:20-TBA PM


Group Improv 7:40-7:50PM

Hepsi Sinin Mi 7:50-8:10PM

Apprentice Dancer 8:10-8:30PM


Nubian (During Class)

Saidi (During Class)

Oriental Veil (During Class)

Kitten Pig (During Class)

Piece By Piece (Youth P)

Group Improv 6:40-6:50PM

Tabla Talk 6:50-7:10PM

More Tea 7:10-7:30PM

Group Choreo 7:30-7:50

Solo Overflow 7:50-TBA PM