Spring Short Courses will not be running in 2020

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These short courses and intensives are aimed at intermediate to advanced level students and are a great way for you to explore a new style, solidify technique, and expand your repertoire.

Everyone is welcome to register for the term 3 Spring Short Courses - you don't need to be a regular Ghawazee Moon student to come along. All courses have maximum & minimum numbers. Courses are held at Nellie Hall in Melba and at the Gungahlin Community Centre (communities@work building). Check here for street addresses and other venue information.

Early Bird discounts are available. Fees must be paid in full before the cut off date to be eligible.

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2019 Course Descriptions

Floorwork Course promo image.FLOORWORK: TECHNIQUE & CONDITIONING
with Samina
Mondays 8:00-9:00pm
Gungahlin Community Centre
This short course will focus on floorwork, including backbends and laybacks and other commonly used skills performed on the floor.
Each class will begin with warm ups and drills aimed at thigh, arm & core strengthening, and end with stretches aiming to increase your flexibility. You will work through techniques and short combinations to give you the tools to gracefully descend, ascend and add dynamic and elegant floorwork to your repertoire.
Drum Choreo Course promo image.4'LüK: DANCE OFF STYLE DRUM CHOREOGRAPHY
with Samina
Mondays 8:00-9:00pm
Gungahlin Community Centre

This dance-off style drum choreography is packed full of accented combinations, from the playfully lingering through to the lively and humerous. As a dance-off style drum, you will be working in two groups to learn and practice the choreography during class time.

This course is aimed at intermediate and beyond dancers. You will be expected to have a solid grasp of intermediate level technique to keep up - there will be limited time allocated to movement technique. If you're not sure, please ask for the movement list before registering.

Grace Rhythm & Zills Course promo image.DANCING WITH GRACE, RHYTHM & ZILLS
with Samina

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm
Gungahlin Community Centre

Understanding the Rhythms of Middle-Eastern music is an essential step to interpreting and connecting to the music that inspires you.

You'll be focusing on a different rhythm each week. learning zill patterns that complement each individual rhythm. You'll also be learning to create graceful movements, building your musicality using combinations and improvisations that work with and without finger cymbals.

What to bring: Finger Cymbals if you have them. Please let us know when you register if you need to borrow a set.

Baladi & Mejance Course promo image.BALADI & MEJANCE
with Guest Teacher Renee

Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm
Nellie Hall, Melba

This 5 week course is a great introduction to both the Baladi style (with the addition of balancing props) and Mejance.

You’ll be exploring Baladi through a semi-structured improvisation. Getting deep into the music, you’ll allow the rhythms and melodies to show you how to move. You’ll be adding a little bit extra to your baladi with balancing props. Bring along an item you can balance on your head, such as a tea tray, basket, cane or sword, or let us know you’ll need to borrow one when you register.

Mejances can cover everything from raqs sharki, baladi, saidi, and drum solos, and are designed to give the audience a preview of melodies and styles the audience can expect to see in the rest of the show. Learning how to make an entrance is a must in the repertoire of all bellydancers. In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to make the most of your entrance, capturing the audience's attention and demonstrating your range.

Drills Course Course promo image.DRILLS! DRILLS! DRILLS!
with Samina

Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm
Nellie Hall, Melba

Each week we'll be focussing on a different family of movements and exploring them through drills and combinations in a variety of bellydance styles, from folkloric through to fusion. These classes will be fairly fast-paced and will assume a level of competence in core and intermediate level movements.

Course Venues

Nellie Hall in Melba


North Belconnen Community Hall
'Nellie Hall'
Chinner St. Melba.
Next door to the Melba Shops.

We enter through the playground gate and use the back door entrances to the Hall. Parking is at the Shops or in the Church Car Park behind the Hall.

BUS: Route 42
Stop: Melba Shops

Gungahlin Community Centre


Gungahlin Community Centre
Communities@Work Building
47 Ernest Cavanaugh Street, Gungahlin
At the end of the Bus Interchange.

We enter through the side door (right hand side of the buidling) directly into the studio space. Parking is behind the building.

BUS/TRAM: Various Routes
Stop: Gungahlin Place

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3 COURSES: $200 ($190 EB)

4+ COURSES: $230 ($220 EB)

Early Bird Discounts available until 19th July. Courses must be paid in full before that date to be eligable. Cash and Bank Transfer Only.

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Floorwork: Technqiue & Conditioning

4 Luk: Dance Off Style Drum Choreography

Dancing with Grace, Rhythm & Zills

Baladi & Mejance

Drills! Drills! Drills!


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Fees are due on or before the first class of term. Payment plans are available and must be arranged before term begins.

ALL STUDENTS must complete an Attendance Agreement and Medical Information Form.

EARLY BIRD: Fees must be paid in full before the cut off date to be eligable for Early Bird enrolment. Early Bird fees are not available with PayPal registration.

MISSED CLASSES: Fees pay for your place in the course and are non-refundable. Make-Up Classes are not available for Short Courses.

VARIATIONS: 10 Class Passes may be used for Short Courses. If the Course has 3 Classes, you will have 3 Classes deducted from your Class Pass regardless of how many classes you attend. Drop Ins are not available for Short Courses.