For beginners to experienced percussionists, this lightly facilitated, fortnightly-with-the-dance-term, drumming circle will give you the opportunity to practice, participate in peer-to-peer learning, expand your repertoire and, if you're really keen, performance as an ensemble at our Showcase and other events.

The circle is open to anyone interested in exploring Arabic percussion (and music) using hand drums, riqq, finger cymbals and other percussive instruments. Musicians on acoustic instruments are also welcome.

We begin with basic Middle-Eastern rhythm patterns and move on from there through skill sharing and practice, to add fills and flourishes. We also work on specific musical pieces to play for dancers.

This is not a class, but a lightly facilitated circle giving you the opportunity to practice with others, gain confidence in your abilities and expand on your knowledge through peer-to-peer learning. There will be printed copies of rhythm patterns provided, but the aim is to work ‘hands-on’. Whilst this is a casual circle, there are opportunities to perform as an ensemble at our Annual Showcase, and to join our performance troupe, Banat Amar.

Absolute beginners are welcome.

If you have your own percussive instrument, please bring it along. This can include drums, hand drums, finger cymbals, riqq, tambourine, your hands! :)
If you need to borrow an instrument, please let us know, as there are limited numbers available.


As this is a Casual Circle, you don't need to sign up for a term, or come to every single session. Due to COVID restrictions, it's best to RSVP on our TeamApp or send Sam a text on 0403020796 to make sure there's space.

Session Information

Saturdays (Fortnightly with the Term)
Beginner Percussion 1:30-2:00pm
Music & Percussion Circle: 2:00-3:00pm
Dates are on the School Calendar.

Please note that some dates may change due to weekend performance commitments. Dates are generally updated on the website, but joining and checking the TeamApp will give you the most accurate dates. If you're not 100% sure if the session is on, send an email, or text Sam on 0403020796, to ask.
“Ellycienne” is our Home Studio. Please text/call 0403020796 or email Sam for the address - you'll need to give us your name and a contact number/email address in case of cancellations.

Sessions are $5/drop in.
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